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James Knippen grew up in the Chicago suburbs, received his MFA at Texas State University, and now lives and teaches in Central New York. His haiku have been published in Frogpond, The Heron’s Nest, Kingfisher, the lickety-split, and Modern Haiku. His full-length collection of poems Would We Still Be is available from New Issues Poetry & Prose. 


Sierra Shellabarger is a college student, age 19, studying philosophy and German language at the University of South Florida. She had her first haiku published at age 7 in moonset: literary newspaper after her aunt taught her the basics of the form, but has only been seriously writing haiku for the past year. Outside of writing poetry, Sierra enjoys gardening, cooking, photography, and spending time outdoors. 

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Anirudh Vyas was born in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, and has graduated as an engineer. His haiku have been published in Frogpond and the HSA Anthology. He took part in National Ranking Table Tennis Championships (North Zone). For Anirudh haiku is the experience of ever-present silent harmony that passes us unknowingly.

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Dave Fairhurst has never been a wandering Buddhist monk, a binman or a beatnik poet. He has written software, taught mermaids, served beer, taken blood and sent experiments into space. Having lived in London, New Jersey, Paris, Edinburgh and Wellington, David now lives in Nottingham with his wife and three daughters.

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Jamie Wimberly is a poet and painter.

Jamie’s work has appeared in numerous poetry publications and haiku journals, including but not limited to:  Frogpond, Haiku Journal, Modern Haiku, The Heron’s Nest, to name a few.  He has collaborated with Casey Stein and other filmmakers to create a series of award-winning poem videos and haiku movies.  His first collection of poetry, “before I forget them,” was released in April 2020. In addition to poetry, Jamie’s artwork has been widely shown in major galleries and museums, including a nomination for the Whitney Biennial.

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